What is Spiritual Direction?

Cozy sitting area 1Perhaps the simplest explanation of Spiritual Direction is time set aside with the specific intent to answer the question “who is God for me and who am I for God?”  Christian Spiritual Direction has a long heritage beginning with Jesus’ sojourn in the desert. It continued with the Ammas and Abbas of the 3rd and 4th century who withdrew from society to practice a solitary life in the desert. In the Middle Ages it was preserved within the monasteries and convents.  More recently it is emerging into the life of ordinary people who are searching for ways to deepen their spiritual lives in an extremely secular life.

Today, Spiritual Direction is a time set aside to witness together the work of the Spirit in your life.  As your director I have the privilege to hear your story and the responsibility to listen with gentleness and openness to who you are and where you find yourself in your spiritual journey.

Together we look for the movement of the Spirit in your day to day life.  At times in your life this may be a simple thing.  At others it may be elusive.  Together we search.  I do not direct you in terms of telling you what to do to draw closer to God so much as point you to where I sense God’s movement. Together we look more deeply or listen together in the silence.  We explore spiritual practices and prayer forms.

You might come to Spiritual Direction to:
–Identify and trust your own experiences of God.
–Integrate spirituality into your daily life.
–Discern and make difficult choices.
–Share your hopes, struggles and losses.
–Develop a sensitivity for justice and concern for the poor.
–Live the essence of your spiritual path with integrity.