What to Expect

Cozy sitting area 2Direction takes place in a confidential one-on-one or group setting.  Usually I meet with an individual for about one hour one time per month.  Group direction usually also meets once a month for an amount of time workable for the size of the group.  Group sizes are limited.  Rates are available on request.

If you would like to explore Spiritual Direction you may wish to come for several sessions. Developing the direction relationship takes time.  It is a good idea to give the relationship time to grow.  After three or four sessions there will be an opportunity to evaluate the relationship.  It is important that you feel comfortable with the direction relationship.  I am always willing to make referrals or to help you find the Director who is right for you.

I believe that God is self-revealing and desires a relationship with each one of us.  I also believe that it is in the nature of human beings to search for God.  My desire in Spiritual Direction is to facilitate and accompany your search and witness God’s activity in your journey.