Interior Season


I’m finished with Winter.  Seriously, it can be Spring now.  Winter is fine as long as it stays outside of me.  I can enjoy a snow-covered scene.  I can revel in a cozy fire, book and cup of tea.  A tete-a-tete with a friend can be one of the treasures of life.  But I’m done now.


I’m more than ready for the cloud cover and cold to move on.  If I’m not careful the clouds and cold will move inside – into me. I have the feeling that if I’m not careful, Winter may take up residence in my bones.  I fear I may become as dried up as the bare branches of the tree outside my window. Except I’m not showing a hint of bud.


So what does one do?  Life and responsibility call.  It’s not feasible to hibernate until April.  How shall I push through to the sunshine and new growth of Spring?


Just a couple of days ago I was thinking of sinking into my gray feelings and refusing to come out for a long, long time, and woe to the person who tried to interfere with that plan.  And then an idea presented itself as part of the blanket I would wrap myself in. I “rediscovered” music. I remembered an old, favorite CD and put it on. Before I knew it my feelings had turned from dark gray, lightening to a blue and eventually shifted to green.  I became more lighthearted and moved into a place of interior gratitude.  What a transformation!


Such times are when having noticed the things that feed your soul can be a life-saver. Listen to music.  Get a new coloring book. Do something creative.  Visit a public garden or buy a new plant.  Just a visit to the local garden center may be enough.  Go for a walk. Call a friend.  Go out for coffee.  Light a candle.  Pray.  Turn off the news.  It may be time to shift to a new practice or return to an old one that brought light in the past.  It may be time to ask for help.  Whatever it is, engage in something that is life-giving for you.


What lifts your heart?  What helps you make the shift from grumpy retreat to gratitude?


I invite you to notice. What season are you feeling?  What are the gifts of that season?  What are the things or times that pull you into grayness?  What are the things which draw you toward the light?  Bring these things into your awareness, action and prayer.